One female and two males, I sense a conflict brewing, don't you?  The drive to promote your own DNA is very strong in all species.  The results are usually best for continued survival of the species.  

I am not sure how that justifies the multiple rapes of the Vietnamese women by American Soldiers as written about in a book I am reading now, "Kill Anything That Moves" by Nick Turse.  A very disturbing account of how the war in Vietnam was conducted.  I was bought up to be proud as an American, a person who believed in innocent until proven guilty, fairness and justice for all.  This book shakes my faith in America to the very roots.  Justice is apparently only for the very powerful or the one with the most and biggest guns.  Now they want to take away or limit our ownership of guns.  I sense that wont happen but there is a movement afoot.  In the mean time, I am happy to pass this book on to the next person or better yet, buy your own copy, read it and pass it on yourself.  I was bought up to vilify the Nazis in Germany, now we are one, or at the very least, certainly no better.

A jelly probably driven to shore on the last few days of extreme wind up here in Point Reyes, Tomales Bay State Park.

Another Jelly, also probably a casualty of the windy days here in Point Reyes.  This one was also in Tomales Bay State Park.

This Turkey Vulture flew close enough over the top of me, to sign a model release.

A close up of the same bird's flight feathers.

I could only see two apparent male ducks in this clutch of ducks.  Do you suppose they were Mormon?

Cinnamon Teals, keeping a wary eye on the wary photographer.  Boy, was it nippy out today.  It was difficult to get out of the car.  Especially since I had hiked 11 miles and 1800' the day before. The wind was so strong that I could have had fun being a kite if I had bought some rope with me.

The Great Blue Heron being a great blue fisherman.

Two drake Mallards, squabbling over the right to mate with one lone but cute and sweetly seductive hen.

How grass is turned into fertilizer by a female Thule Elk.  I'm sorry, didn't I warn you that I'm a Scatoligist?  I know, ewwwww!  What was I thinking? Funny thing is, I won a prize last night for having the most interesting story about Coyote Scat and an Owl's pellet.  I even passed around bagged samples for everybody to look at and notice the hair, etc. For my effort, I got a lovely $15 coffe mug  with a picture of a lovely California Poppy and with "Point Reyes" emblazoned on it.  Cool prize gift for a Scatoligist, huh?  This after a fellow hiker denied participating in the collecting of my samples.  One other hiker was a very enthusiastic helper, but accidentally ruined a fresh sample by stepping on it.

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