When I first spotted this boat, I thought it was the stolen one from Sausalito.  You know, the one stolen by two men and one woman who when arraigned in court, pleaded "Not Guilty" in spite of the fact that they were rescued off of the boat that they had stolen.  Can you imagine the call to get a Yellow Cab?  "Yeh, we are stranded on a beach in Half Moon Bay.  Could you send us a cab for a ride back to Sausalito?  There are three of us."

The story on this boat is that the skipper lost his motor power, his anchor wouldn't hold and the rest is beach history.  My suspicion is that he couldn't afford the berthing fees and was going to scuttle it.  You know, make holes in the boat bottom and sink it.  The thing is, he still had a lot of personal things on board such as tools, dvds, batteries, can of gas, etc. all which might indicate he was surprised and really did lose it.  Judging from the mast held together with wrought iron and Duct Tape, there was little or no reason to save it from the ravages of being beached.  My curiosity is whether he will be liable for the beach cleanup or not.  There is a lot of debris strewn over a mile or more of the beach.  Interesting stuff but mostly useless.  One guy in a wet suit salvaged some tools but that seemed hardly worth the risk and effort.

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Snowy Plovers foraging for the snack de jour

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Ahoy Matey, ready to go fishing?

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Christine and Esther on a Snow Shoe trip in the Roayl Gorge Ski area. There were six of us on this trip. We stayed at the Sierra Club Claire Tappan Lodge. March 28-29, 2013.

As near as I can tell a "Pygmy Nuthatch" If you know for sure, chime in!


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