Stopping at Moss Landing for lunch at Phil's, I took a few photos of boats and an otter and of course, birds.
A Red Throated Loon sans the red throat.  If you have ever listened to the Loons call, it would mesmerize you.  They don't quack, they don't whistle, they indeed have their very own and unique way of vocalizing their call.

Yes this is Moss Landing and at least half of the power plant is producing, whether it is power or not, I have no idea.  I do know that this plant has been inactive for a lot of years so I am guessing they made some upgrades in order to get a permit to resume operations.

FOB has had a different significance over the years, usually attached to immigrants just "Fresh off of the Boat."  In this sign, it's for hawking freshly caught crabs.   

No sleeping issues here.  If you ever want to view Otters up close, Moss Landing always seems productive for me.  They are best viewed from the boat docks but today for instance, the harbor guys were a little snitty over it and asked me to leave.  The boat owners don't give a hoot, but the guys with the authority, well you know what I mean.  They hassle you just because they can.

I wonder if they parked there boats side by side just for the fun of it.  LoL!

A lot of equipment.  It would be interesting to have somebody explain what it is and how it is used.  Definitely a working commercial boat.

Pretty classy for a commercial fishing boat.

"Throw me a fish, please?"  A dock cat just sunbathing and passing the time by.  If you own your boat, you might want to live on it as a lot of people do. The living quarters are a little bit cramped but if you're by yourself and you don't mind, it can be an economical choice.  No HOA to worry about.  Thats got to be a plus.  Rocked to sleep at night, another plus.  Rigging of nearby boats banging and clanging all day and all night, not exactly a plus.

Plus, you get to be neighbors with critters that don't pay rent to anybody.

Birds of a feather flock together.  How sage is that?

A loon with the catch De jour.


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