Morro and it's famous "rock."  Click on the above photo for a mega pixel shot.  A slide show, instead!

Another Golden Eagle (teasing, really)

Just a couple of Turkey Buzzards (Vultures) sitting at the top of a 100' high Eucalyptus tree.

A Peregrine Falcon!  What a beauty.

A Buffle Head duck showing of his catch De jour.   (Sorry about the picture quality but you have to understand, this little guy was about 50 yards away and looked like a small dot from my vantage point.  He's here because he has a fish.;=)

Natures model for the "Angry Bird" Smart Phone game app.

One big Snipe deserves another little Snipe.  The big one is a "Long Billed Curlew." The little one could be a "Long Billed Dowitcher."

I finally figured that these are coast hugging "Brant" a type of goose.  Probably a "Black Brant."  Not seen inland at all so this is a new find for me.  This identification makes sense to me because they do look more goose like then duck like.  Previously, I was only looking at ducks.  Cool, a goose that doesn't make me giggle.

"Aw shucks, you shouldn't have Jim, now I just want to go to Morro Bay to see this in person."  (I love this camera.  It's shots like this that make me tingle from head to toe or is that tinkle, I get the two mixed up. ;=)


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