Hunting Dolphins, at least he is using a camera.  Still, you got to wonder, WTF is he doing chasing them with a motorized boat in the first place. ( a bay in Ventura, CA)

WoW!  Such a big boat in such a little harbor.

Cute, huh?  Could probably use some hair gel though.

 The early bird gets the worm or as the case may be, the Sand Crab..

The same bird buried up to his eye balls, going for the next hapless little crustacean morsel.

My friend Iris says she calls these things "Sand Crabs."  It turns out that even the Monterey Bay Aquarium calls them Sand Crabs as well.  Check out their page on "Sand Crabs."  Very Interesting, want a Walnetto?

A Pelican belly flop. One could hope he got his fish or scared it out of it's wits.  Like fishing with dynamite.

Sparrow sized, I'm guessing a Red House Finch.

I thought this was a Pigeon Guillemot but no luck there.  Turns out to be an American Oystercatcher.  It may be out of his range.  Normally on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Mexico Coast and Baja but never this far North on the West Coast.  On the other hand, he's not bothered by the twenty foot wall immigration built on the Mexican border so no reason for him not to be here.

Surf Fishing with the catch, an Ocean Perch shown in the next photo.  According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a fav food of this fish that they are trying to kill, is the Sand Crab as shown in the previous photos.



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