I'm in a county park just East of Oceanside camping and taking photos.  1/3/13 

It's a Black Crowned Night Heron, out in the middle of day.

 This is why Shovelers have such a shovel shaped beak.  They skim nutrients off of the water surface with it.

Pretty, ain't he?  A Red Shouldered Hawk.
Hum with me in the key of C, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

A perfect way to end a perfect day.  Silver Strand State Beach, about twenty miles South of San Diego.  The park scrutinized my rig real closely before letting me camp here.  Since they only have parking spaces you can't camp here unless you can "dry camp."  They went inside my trailer and verified that I had all of the necessary stuff: a portapotty, a sink, a fresh water supply, a grey water holder.  They actually complemented me on my mods and I did get to camp with the "big" boys, you know, the ones with the satellite dish on top of their 40 foot rig with four or more slide outs.  One kid even dropped by and asked, "Do you sleep in that thing?"  Yes, I do.  Thank you very much.


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