A "murder" of Egrets or is that a "flock" of Egrets?  I think these are called "Cattle Egrets" so maybe they are called a "herd" of Egrets.  The kind that prefer hanging in fields rather then streams.  They seem to be common in the South West.

From a distance, I was totally fooled.  What was I fooled about?  Look closely and you can figure it out too.  High light following for the answer:  These are decoys.


A large bird, probably a Golden Eagle like the one shown above, was in the neighborhood and these nervous geese flew right above my head.  You could hear and feel the beat of their wings.  Very special to get such a close up view and such a special sight to see.

All of this close order flying without the benefit of an air traffic controller, amazing.  I wonder if they ever have any nasty quack ups?  I'm just guessing but it seems hunters are the least of their worries.

Like little stringless kites flying in the evening breeze

A mixed neighborhood.  If they can do it, why can't we get better at doing it?

A towhee or dark eyed junco?  I have know idea.  Well, actually it's a Dark Eyed Junco  He sure was active with an apparent knack for capturing flying bugs.

A medium sized tree (Native plant?).  It feels strange to me to see such vivid and beautiful color in Winter but this is the arid South West.


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