Highway 12, one of the nations most scenic byways except................

for the smoke.  The States of Washington, Idaho and Montana are going through their fire season and the resultant smoke is filtering through all places recreational.  It smells like a big barbeque all of the time sans the party.

The American Dipper.  This bird jumps in the water, grabs onto the bottom and walks around underwater feeding.  They prefer fast running creeks,streams and rivers.  Photographed on the Clearwater River in Idaho.

Damn, a Beaver dam.  Most Beaver dams have a hut behind it.  In this case, no hut behind this one or the next so I am guessing a river bank domicile instead of a hut in the middle of the water.  No electrical generation, just a Beaver built pond to slow the water down and provide some protection from predators.

The latest in Deer accessories: Pom Pom tail, white fur covering your rump, and little white fur knee accents.  What Buck could possibly resist this outfit? A White Tailed Deer, no surprise on that name.  You may recall, a Black Tailed Deer was shown in the previous page.  In CA, we have the Mule Deer as distinguished by their extra big ears.

Zooming the length of Dworshak Reservoir, ID.  I'm guessing this reservoir is 50 miles long, minimum.  This is across from the area that I camped in.

A Coppers Hawk in Dworshak ID State Park

 A Red Tailed Hawk on the road to Dworshak ID State Park

Fuzzy Wuzzy was very fuzzy wasn't he?  Another critter that knows how to accessorize.  In the Dworshak park also  

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