Unshod so I assume wild horses.  From outside WSS on Hwy 89 to Great Falls.

If you had been camping at this spot on the Madison River in August 1959, you would not have had time to bend over and kiss yourself goodbye. Almost 50 people were permanently entombed in this landslide.  Where were you in August of 1959 when this Earth Quake hit?  I was 16 and in Elk Grove CA and I have no recollection of this event being in the news.  Do you?

The Madison River is famous for it's guided fly fishing float trips.  If you squint, you can see the arc of her line with a fly at the end, ready to tap the water and catch a fish, if she's lucky.


You would be looking for an Elk close by, if you stepped in or saw this.

Another obligatory Fall picture, also in WSS, MT

My Dad, back in the 1950s when I was living with him in MT, would take me fishing and my expectation was some kind of river or large stream that would obviously have fish.  Instead he would take me to these streams that couldn't possibly be large enough to have fish in them.  You could straddle them with a foot on each side of the bank with the water running fast and clear below you and about six inches deep.  That is exactly where I found this tasty little Brook Trout.  Amazingly colorful fins and body.  Kind of like Nemo only in a mountain stream.  I'm in a CG just outside of WSS (White Sulphur Springs) MT.  No, he wasn't tasty because I caught and ate him but from experience , I know they are tasty. ;=)

A male Northern Flicker.  The red under his tail is also under it's wings.  While in a swooping roller coaster flight, the undersides make a rather colorful display of orange.  You can get a rough idea from the following photo, of the colorful underside of the Flicker.

Clarks Nutcracker above and below, aka in this area as a Camp Robber.  Acts a lot like a Jay but with a distinctive loud raucous call.
Bomb's away!  I have never seen a bird take a nose dive like this.  I imagine to clear the branches as it was headed for the ground but wow, straight down?

Not all cows make it to our dinner table.

The top remnant of a milk can container.  These were five or ten gallon and what the farmers used to bring their milk to market with, circa 1950s and before.

The WSS countryside

Bambi! This is a teen age fawn losing it's spots and gaining it's natural agility to pogo stick up a hill.  A Black Tail Deer.
Same deer below but you can now see what's left of it's baby spots.

I love shooting the Magpie in flight.  There are two kinds of Magpie: yellow billed and black billed.
Two more of the same in the following photos:

Just a Black Tailed Buck getting his dollars worth of salad.

The same Buck having dessert.  "Knock, knock, I hope nobody's home."  

I love the running lights I installed on this itty bitty, teeny weeny, LED lighted beany, of a trailer. So I'm not a rhymer, big surprise. ;=)  Yes, those are the solar panels on top.

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