A pair of Green Winged Teal wishing they knew if I am a photographer or a hunter.

Another Golden Eagle

A close up of the fish caught in the next photo, A Cutthroat Trout.  Pretty fish.  I was talking to a Deputy Sheriff and he said that the fish thrive in this lake because of a huge population of leeches.  He also mentioned that children are not encouraged to swim in this lake because of the leeches.  I don't know if he was BSing me or not but I am not tempted to explore that thought because the water is yesterdays snow and if there are leeches, I don't care to pick them off of my body.

She said she had been fishing (from shore) about 30 minutes before hooking this one.  WoW!

Very plentiful around here.

Finally, a photo of Bullwinkle.  This appears to be a cow Moose (left) and a teenage calf judging from the spirited antics. Prior to this shot, they were belly deep in the Snake River, pulling green muck off of the bottom to eat.  What an odd physique.

Fall colors abound here.  That smokey haze is, you guessed it, smoke from Washington's fires.

Two Butterflies, two huge butterflies, their wing spread was as big as a small bird.  I was confused when processing this photo.  I kept wrapping my mind around it being one butterfly.  It wasn't until I figured out they are kissing, that the photo made sense.  Poised on the side of an Aspen tree.

This reminds me of the definition and difference between a pessimist and an optimist.  If you put a kid in a room full of toys and he doesn't play with any of them because he is afraid he will break them, he is a pessimist,  If you put a kid in a room full of this stuff and he starts wading and digging through it, exclaiming, "There must be a Moose in here somewhere." he would be an optimist.

A look at the roof top solar panels on my trailer, a total of 160W which actually yield about 3/4 of that even at high noon.  Enough juice to run my DC refrigerator from 11:00 to 3:00, then I switch over to gas.  The rest of the day charges the battery to run my TV and or computer and or my Sirius radio. Roughing it sure is fun.  The white thing to the right of the left taillight is my outside temp and humidity sensor.  The black thing above the left taillight is a camera I was hoping would reveal approaching traffic like a rear view mirror so to speak.  In practice, the monitor was too small and the visibility was only about 25 feet beyond the trailer which in practice proved to be worthless.  I think I will move it to the front so I can view my hitch position when hooking up.  The white tube on the top left is a piece of 2" PVC pipe used to hold my TV antenna.  Hidden out of site is my powered radio antenna.  It pops up on command on the roof top left front corner.

My son wants to paint my trailer with a cookie monster theme.  Hmmm?  Any other ideas?  Mine is to paint it to match my car.

Those aren't buffalo in the background.  Just next weeks hamburger.  All female Pronghorn Antelope except for the one male.  Must be a Mormon clan.  Can you spot the male?

The Griswold family, all dressed alike and ready for a Disneyland adventure.

You could open a bottle of beer with those prongs.

 A Red Tailed Hawk

 A Kestral, perching with one foot and holding down his happy meal with the other.

This rather drab looking perched bird is actually quite a different story in flight.  I know, out of focus but the second photo shows the in flight colors.  Probably a female Mountain Bluebird.

Yet another Aspen Grove.

Anybody want to try?

About the size of a Badger from the looks of it.

This looks like a Jerusalem Cricket to me but wrong color.  I discovered that it is a Black Field Cricket.  I saw about three of these on the hiking trail.

A mite on a beetle on a pile of dung.  I know, ewwww!  You can guess how it goes, "One man's hot dog is another man's steak."

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