The most common trucks are referred to as 18 wheelers.  This one would probably not be allowed in CA because it has a total of 24 wheels.  A load of hay which I 'm guessing is headed for drought ridden TX.  On page 5 you guessed how many loaves of bread in a hill of grain, now guess how many days 500 head of cattle could be feed with this load.  This is what your steak looked like yesterday.

A beautiful moon or a sunrise through smoky haze?  If you guessed the later, you would be right.  The forecasters are saying that the smoke will not subside until it rains or snows or both, probably in another two months or maybe less if we're lucky.  I remember in 2008 I was touring WY and SD. The smoke from CA fires was doing the same thing.

 Yep, this was were I camped 9/19, 20.  Northeast ID on Hwy 20

I finally found what I feel is a shower solution for camping where showers are not available (about 75% of the camping sites I go to.).  I picked this up in a Wallmart, Pocatello, ID.  A 5 gallon solar powered shower bag is hanging on the right and was purchased separately in San Jose from REI,  I put the bag out about 1:00 with about 4-5 gallons of water.  I took my shower at 5:00 and the water was just bearable.  Not warm or cold, just bearable.  A distraction for me is that the shower water is dumped unceremoniously out three sides of the shower floor with no option to catch it for proper disposal.  I may work on that at a later date but for now, I no longer have to go three and four days without a shower while camping.  More significant for me, I can go on a strenuous hike and not have to sleep in  it.  It appears one 5 gallon shower bag should be good for about three showers. The shower bag hangs inside the shower tent and kind of gets in the way.  A smaller bag that hangs higher up and more out of the way, would be a better solution.

Notice the white vertical pipe attached to the top left side of my trailer?  Thats where my TV antenna goes.  I have an external antenna hookup which I have used successfully in RV parks to get TV programs but what works better for me is my BluRay player.  I stop at thrift stores along the way and pickup DVDs on the cheap.  So far my solar charged battery lets me view an entire movie at night with enough left over energy to run my 12V flourescent lights.  More on my trailer mods, later.

Before I took this photo, I found a pile of feathers by the side of the river left behind by some predator.  Now I recognize the feathers as coming from this bird, a Grouse.  It was not very timid allowing me to get easily within ten feet of it and then it just kind of sauntered away, a predators wet dream.  I can imagine ole Willy Coyote seeing one, "Oh damn, another Grouse, I just had one of those last night.  Where in the heck are all of the tasty rabbits or Roadrunners?"  As near as I can tell, a Spruce Grouse.  Aha, I found it, a Ruffed Grouse.  

I initially thought I had come on some mound made by a rodent.  It still may be but it appeared to be an ant hill given all the ants scurrying around with material to add to it.  I can well imagine it's an ant hill given all of the activity.

This is the top of the mound, I'm guessing about ten ants for every square inch.  If anybody is familiar with this, chime in and hit me back.  A curious guy wants to know.

Flowers, in September?  Temps dropped down below freezing last night.  I can't imagine these will last long.

Volcanic rock, fall colors, and the Snake River, the only thing missing is a little action like a fish jumping or an Osprey catching.

Aww, ain't he cute?  Sorry, but there are so many of them, I can't resist shooting them.

A squirrel with an attitude, "This is my best side, Mr. Photographer."

As near as I can tell, a juvenile Golden Eagle.  Given the way it tried to perch on a vertical stick in the following photo, very inexperienced.

 Opp's, although a height advantage, not a very good perch.  It took off without hesitating probably after it figured out perching vertically was a bad idea.

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