This photo has nothing to do with the Periodic Spring.  It is of the rocky cliffs overlooking the Snake River where I camped in ID.  Still, enough soil on top of them to support trees and grass.

A rock in Swift Creek Canyon, Afton, WY.  Wouldn't you enjoy being there when it topples over?.

 The infamous Periodic Spring in Afton, WY.  There are only two of these in the whole world.   The other one is in Israel.  You may note that this was photographed with a 400mm lens so it looks really flat but the whole spring is about 150 yards long before it empty's into Swift Creek.

The origin of the Periodic Spring with a Japanese tour guide (on right) and her charge, thrown in for scale.  The Spring is at full throttle as shown here and in the previous photo. Click on the following photo for a quicktime movie of the spring actually filling up.
Click on the above photo for a quicktime movie of the spring actually filling up.
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