Can you guess what this is?  If you guessed temporary grain storage you would be right.  Now for a chance to win a brand new Corvette, guess how many birds could live off of this for a year.  For two new electric motorcycles, guess how many loaves of bread you could make from this single stack. That stack in the background is just as big and it is number two of three.  I should of asked who the customer was.  This was in the South part of Idaho.

A close up of the very same stack.  A veritable dessert (for birds) or desert of grain.

Cliff Dwellers!  On a cliff overlooking the Snake River (nests with a view). The slums of Swallow town in partial disrepair until Winter comes when the whole slate will be wiped clean, so to speak.  It's amazing to me how these little birds can diligently work for days constructing these nests with little more then mud and their own saliva.  Seems to be a great protection for the babies, from predators though.

Little House on the Prairie complete with an attached garage.

Even Idaho has wind harvesters, tinted by the setting sun.  Those telephone poles delineate the interstate and the railroad.

Serious case of camera shake caused by disappearing light resulting in a loooong exposure.  However,
he was flying around and took some perches in between hunting trips.  An American Kestrel just begging to
be photographed in spite of the waning sun..

It is Fall here as Fall happens earlier the further North that you go.

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