Teenage Merganzers and a bull calf in the back ground.  (That's not his umbilical cord hanging from his belly;=)  The Merganzer in my opinion is very unusually noteworthy because they seem to have a hair problem like always having a bad hair day.  .  

And then I set my GPS for Jackson, WY, only getting as far as Burns, OR after six hours of gently rolling through the Oregon back roads.  Towing a trailer really gives a sensation of rolling.  That and the reduced gas mileage.  From 24 MPG to 17 MPG.  In Burns, the RV park was very small but comfortable.  I met the very verbose owner.  He was explaining to me that he is terminal (at 76) with lung and chest problems.  He proposed to a former GF that if she moved from NV to take care of him, he would leave her his whole estate worth an estimated 1 to 2 meg. (My estimate not his.) After a month and a half she turned him down.  I told him, I was tempted if he could guarantee me he would die in six months.  LOL, just teasing.  I can't imagine why for the amount of money involved, he got turned down.  Does she know something we don't?  So ladies, here's your chance, all that is required is you be compassionate and giving.

At Alkaloid Lake, the Sea Gulls favoring a dip in a serpentine fresh water stream terminating in the lake.  

At a dessert rest stop provided by the BLM.  The only reason any wild life at all was here is because several faucets were dripping creating a tiny Oasis for tiny critters.  This was a real song bird warbling a really pretty tune for five or more minutes.  It took me two minutes to even spot him.  He sang with his beak closed undulating his throat pouch in and out.  Chime in if you know what it is.

Sparrows, tipping their heads back to enjoy water from the dripping faucet.

Popped in, popped out, never saw him or his ilk again.  Narrowed down to a Yellow Warbler or more possibly a Pacific Fly Catcher.

An "Aww, isn't he cute" picture.  Love that tail.

The infamous dripping faucet.  Even with a strong stream like this, the water was undetectable three feet away from it.  For some odd (unknown to me) reason these faucets are in standard use in RV parks.  They are designed to be on or off.  A smaller stream is very difficult to regulate.

Moo.  This is off color but way back when I was teenager on a ranch, our ranch hand was trying to gross me out and he said, " The problem with dating a cow is you have to walk around front to kiss them."  Ewwwwwwwwwwww   I hope he wasn't talking from experience.  Do you know which part of the cow your steaks come from?  That meat from Bulls is redder and preferred for making hamburger.  That male calves are neutered early on and thereafter are called Steers?  Bulls produce tougher cuts of meat whereas Steers produce more tender meat.  Veal?  That's a very young steer usually a year old or so.  Most consumers can't tell the difference between Veal and certain pork cuts so a less scrupulous restaurant may substitute the less expensive pork cut if you order the veal meal.  A calf is weaned from it's mother as soon as possible so that the milk can be used for human consumption.  That a cow will dry up after a certain period of time and will have to be inseminated and produce a calf for the whole process to start all over again.  An old retired cow is mostly good for hamburger or dog and cat food.  Horse meat?  In France it is served in restaurants, in the US, dog and cat food.  Why do we find beef so tasty but shy away from horse?  Is it the perceived difference in intelligence?  That eating a horse is akin to cannibalism?

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