These are more photos from the Klamath Basin Wild Life Refuge.  I started off from Klamath Falls (called K Falls by the locals) mid morning.  It is about a 45 minute drive from the East side of town where I had parked my trailer to KBWLR.

An "American Bittern" at the KBWLR

My best guess is a "Barn Swallow" without a barn in sight for 50 miles.

 A Dragon Fly perched atop the mezzanine of a grass stalk.

What a lucky find.  A Praying Mantis.  This critter was huge, about 3" long and with a girth of about the same amount.  Also in the KBWLR

Well wise "Grass Hopper", would you recommend I see Yoda instead?  I really enjoy seeing these in flight.  Sometimes their wings are super breath taking colorful.  They are difficult to photograph in flight.  It would take two people.  One person to flush them and one person to shoot.  Would anybody like to volunteer to be my flusher?

Opps, I'm stuck in a rut photographing insects.  They are interesting.  This bunch is noteworthy as having taken over a wild life blind constructed by the refuge.  They have infested a ledge about three feet off of the ground, at the perfect height for a child to reach up and grab a handful.  Deja Vu Ed L.?

Last insect, I promise ;=) with my fingers crossed behind my back, negating my promise.  I like  the "bug" eyes on this one.

Photos of Egrets in flight are so common that I am almost embarrassed to display them here.  I do enjoy photographing them though.  Right click and "view image" to see the 1K version.

A dingy "White Pelican."

Tufted Duck and Scaup hybrid (difficult to find according to birding book, seen only occasionally.)

This is what your eyes look like in the morning after a Saturday night out.  A Western Grebe.

Intense, huh?  Probably a Red Tailed Hawk.

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