Don't know what they are called, I just shoot them for their shape and colors, all Nisene Marks 11/04/12

Nisene Marks State Park 11/04/12 (end)

Portola State Park  11/10/12

Portola State Park  11/10/12 (end)

I took a mushroom hunting hike going up the Rhus Ridge trail off of Moody road.  Near the top of the trail where it connects to the Black Mountain Trail, I saw this bedraggled fungi.  Not much for style but it is huge, being at least 2 feet across.  A record size for me.  Unbelievable.

Then on Saturday 12/8, I ventured on several sections of the Skyline to Sea Trail off of Highway 236 (Big Basin Way)

An aaa size mushroom ;=)

I am not sure what this is but it is noteworthy, pretty.  It was right on the trail, hiding in plain sight.

The following shroom was in Huddart, a San Mateo County Park  12/9

On the Limekiln Trail off of Lexington Reservoir  12/14

A tiny fully functional mushroom, the little white dot !

There was a small leaf that I picked off of the mushroom on the left, observe the pure white spot that was under it.

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