What an exciting find! Two photogenic Coyotes.  From the Klamath Basin Wild Life Refuge.  The first appeared in front of me on the bank of a Levee.  I was confident that he was trapped on the bank as he would have had to cross the water to avoid me seeing him again.  I walked up to the point where I last saw  it and contemplated my navel.  After about two minutes, I heard rustling and the Coyote appeared about ten feet away from me as shown here.  We played cat and mouse for a little and he kind of disappeared.  I had to abandon my pursuit of the Coyote as trucks were coming down the levee and I was parked blocking the road.

I went back after parking off road but was unable to roust the Coyote again.  I thought that maybe if I crossed the Levee further down and walked back on the opposite side that I would spot him again.  No luck doing that so I took the next photo on the off chance the Coyote was hiding in the Thules.  He was!  I spotted him while looking at the photo I took.  Can you spot him?

Here is where he is.  Match up the vegetation with the above photo and you can just barely make him out.

I have often discovered that if given the chance, a wild animal will seek cover over flight.  I saw this happen with both Coyotes.  Rather then rush me, they simply hid.  

The following photos are two views of the second Coyote before crossing the road to another hiding place.  This Coyote was about a mile away from the first one.  With their ability to hide in plain sight, I wonder how many I drove by without even noticing them?


Why did the Coyote cross the road?  Because there was a chicken waiting on the other side. ;=)

The "hiding" in plain sight hiding place site.

I have seen his cousin at Rancho San Antonio.  I think the ones in RSA are much better groomed especially with a tail suitable for attaching to your car radio antenna.  Both are similar in size, about ten times bigger then a Chihuahua but a lot more street smart.

I have a friend in Santa Cruz.  She lived about 100 yards from the Redwoods and was out walking her Shih Tzu off leash.  Well, her dog went under a bush to investigate something and disappeared into thin air.  No yelp or rustling or anything.  Gone, like in a magic show after the magician waved his hankie in front of it.  Even after forming a search party with her husband and son, still no trace.  So Shih Tzu in Santa Cruz are now officially designated Happy Meals for Coyotes and their ilk.

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