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I Toys!
     More of the same

I snagged this off of an MIT Open Course Web Site.  It is a fine example of our omnipresent brain power. 

Notice how your brain attempts to make a pattern out of any area that you concentrate on, in spite of the absence of the pattern you actually perceive you are seeing.  

According to MIT; "The multiple changing patterns show how the brain constantly tries to organize the input from the visual system." (Courtesy of Prof. Steven Pinker.)

The background candy is in 3D, no glasses required, just relax and let your eyes cross to focus on the floating candies.
A 3D M n M photo, cross your eyes to focus on the floating M n Ms.
More cross eyed 3D Images, 3D images
, 3D Images Don't get discouraged if you can't see the 3D image.  A lot of people can't.
And lastly an optical illusion of a Giraffe