June 25, 2012

                                            Swift Creek  a periodic spring in Afton, WY

Sorry, no panorama to lead off with, will this do instead?  Swift Creek ......

Swift Creek being swift.

I don't think this is canoe water, do you?.

More Swift Creek because of the way the rocks were refracting through the riffles.

The periodic creek as explained below.  This creek is about 150 yards long but gets compressed and flattened by my zoom lens.  Notice the ice floes on the left and right.

Another view of Periodic Creek which isn't periodic until late August or early September.  If you want to view, go to Afton, WY and turn East on 2nd Ave.  then continue on a dirt road for about a total of 5 miles until it dead ends in a parking lot. Then hike 0.6 miles to the "Periodic Spring"  Just for grins, view the Wiki entry for this.  This periodic creek is the largest of only two in the whole world.  The only other one is in Israel.

Can you imagine? trees growing out of every nook and cranny of this huge rock?

Mineral station for Butterflies


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