June 22 & 24, 2012

                                           A hike in the Teton Wilderness

Aren't the Tetons grand?  Click on the image for more.  Funny story, back in the 80s my then wife's boss Tom, visited the Tetons bringing back gifts for his entire staff.  Her gift was  a T-shirt with the politically incorrect saying blazoned across the front "Not All Tetons Are Grand."  Talk about a candidate for sensitivity training......

This is a forest full of toothpicks for Paul Bunyon. These used to be thriving Lodge Pole Pine, the same trees harvested for telephone poles and you guessed it, making Lodges and "log" houses. (mega Pic, click on it)

Just a meadow.

I love these flowers



Who would have ever thought, a transparent butterfly?

Bear tracks through the mud

The hiking path through a fabulous meadow

I suspect but don't know for sure, that bears loved playing in this mud hole, kind of like a pig that likes to wallow in a good mud hole.

Forest service budget, cut a log in half and you have two ready made bridges.

The lake I hiked around,.

This is what I call a background photo for your viewing screen.  Very pleasant providing great contrast for your ICONs.  Right click and choose "set as desktop background" 


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