June 20,21, 2012

                                            What Bears eat.....

Daisy's, the favorite snack of the Bear.  While on the AlCan Hwy in 2008, I would see bear munching on daisy's by the bushel full.  Who would have thought that we share a common salad ingredient with bears.  To prepare dandelion greens, warm a fry pan with a little bacon grease and then fry the greens until they are wilted.

A Buffalo crossing at the deer crossing sign.  In retrospect, at his size, he can pretty well cross any road at any place that please's him.  (With that shaggy coat, it looks like he should be headed to a thrift shop to suit up.)

The reason why big game like Deer, Elk and Buffalo bred in the fall is so the baby's are born in the early Spring.    Just to make it interesting, we have open hunting season on them in the Fall so they not only are looking to be amorous but they are dodging lead bullets as well

What you need to know if fishing Yellowstone.  .

 I believe these are Strawberry flowers.

two pretty


Me and my shadow, a Cutthroat Trout cueing up for the spawning stream

Anybody know who this is?.  To me, just another pretty flower.

I love the pastel colors.


A satiated bear left this behind.  What is notable to me is the clean cut.  I can only imagine what knife sharp teeth it has.

A Raven, taking advantage of the bear leavings.

Another piece of spawning fish left behind by the bears.

Don't you wish you were here?  I know I do.

For some odd reason this Squirrel was looking for nuts in the pond while the fish were wondering what political office he was running for.



Darn, I miss my big zoom lens.  This Fox was close enough for my normal zoom.  Another shaggy coat story but remember, this is Spring and the animals are shedding their Winter coat for a lighter Summer coat, just like your pet cat and pet dog does every year.  Only these animals survive -40 degree weather so their coat is a lot more robust then your pets.


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