June 19, 2012

                                            Where the Bison and the Buffalo Roam.....

No Antelope or Deer, just Bison and Buffalo.  I'm kidding about the Bison and Buffalo.  These are really Elk.  Just messing with ya, American Bison is also a Buffalo and vice versa.  Really, now I am serious.

Pretty combination, huh? Mineral colors from the volcanic springs and Spring flowers.  Super!

Hey Maaa, the tea water is ready.

Where are the Cliff Swallows?  All these ready made nesting sites and not a nesting bird in sight. Yet another geologic anomolie from thousands of years ago..

 A water slide, Yellowstone style. 

I toured the Mammoth Hot Springs, beyond beautiful formations to view

These steps had a micro inch of water cascading over them, Two views of the same formation.  The top one shows the water a little bit.

The door to my futuristic house of stone, another house the Wolf isn't going to blow down.

Click on the image for a MEGA version.

An abundance of pretty flowers to view...

Anybody want a Mag Pie?

Same species except one is bigger and hungrier.  Just like living in Oakland.

Emerald Spring AKA a hot tub, ala Yellowstone.  The gree color is interesting.  The water is clear but the combination of the blue sky and the yellow sulphur lining the sides, results in a green hue.  Neat, Huh?


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