June 18, 2012

The view from my campsite and the reason for all the wind and Polar Bear cold weather.  This is at ~6500'.

Sage Brush nuts?

Look like Daisy's to me.

Just pretty flowers in abundance.

Fence repair gone awry.  The original fence posts had rotted away and the bright idea was to repost the fence and then tie the fallen posts to the new ones, GREAT idea, until time took it's toll again.

Mules ears?  

Pretty in large clumps like this.

The big pitcher.  Yes, I know how to spell picture.  Just messing with ya.

A kidney shaped pool for the moose or is it meese?

How the Indians thought of inventing the wheel for a horse drawn cart after previously using drag poles..

This is what happened to my lens.  barely distinguishable Antelope, a Mormon Clan, one Husband and three wives.

More Antelope.  I hope these critters aren't hunted.  They look like oversized Jack Rabbits to me and hardly worth the effort of hunting them.  Back in the fiftys, Montana used to lotto permits to hunt 200 total Antelope.  The permits were prized very highly.  I'm not sure what is done now.  Out of curiosity, I googled it and came up with a very detailed manual.  I pity the poor hunter that has to comply with all of it. 

Pretty Thistle, also in Montana.


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