June 14, 2012

So many Alligator Farms, this ones is a National Park called Craters of the Moon.  Alligator Farm?  Yes, in the 50's my parents would be pleasantly going down the only two lane road to visit Grandma and a sign would pop up.  Not the Burma Shave one but the other one, View the Alligators, or view the largest ball of string this side of the Mississippi, or taste a Buffolo Burger. (My personal favorite.)  So now when I am traveling down a By Way (not an interstate) I follow the signs to the next attraction, affectionately calling all signed attractions, "Alligator Farms."

Forged by Father Nature under extremely high temps.

All these interesting shapes and colors.  It is difficult to restrain myself from posting all of them.

I tried to capture the sparkling nature of a lot of these small lava rocks.  They were so pretty that a ten year old gurl was stuffing every pocket of her jeans with them and then the pockets in her top.  If she could, she would of taken a car load home.  They were that pretty.

The only tree at the top of this huge tall cinder pile and the view from the top of the cinder pile.  It would have been interesting to me to see a core sample going down a couple of hundred feet.  Although this hill was crunchy, like walking on Rice Crispies, it didn't seem like the whole hill could have been this way, deep down inside.

I took this one way 1.8 mile 700' hike and found this grotesque specimen.  I title it, The Knotty Pine."  I made it a round trip (had to, my car was parked at the top) so it turned out to be a really nice back woods hike through parts of the park not accessible by car.  The pano view at the top was also on this hike.  I really enjoyed seeing how the unstoppable lava was actually stopped.  Side note, the people in Wagon Trains sometimes had to skirt a 100 miles out of their way to avoid these lava fields.  One historical site noted that in this particular field, they had to pass on top of precarious outcroppings with less then a foot clearing on either side separating them from destruction of their wagon and belongings.   

The usual campground Squirrel.  (Chipmunks have stripes on the face as well.

"Mister, I would go that a way if I were you."

Do you still have your books of Green Stamps? redeemable for toasters and other household goodies.  Here's your chance to continue collecting them.

Owl be having a good time later on as soon as I sleep off last nights party.


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