June 10, 2012

An Osprey hunting by the light of the moon.

An active some day soon, volcano.

The creek feeding Manzanita Lake surprisingly named by our thoughtful Pioneers, Manzanita Creek.

An "aha" Osprey moment.

"Yes, Mr. Fishy, you may come to breakfast with me.  My treat.  I'll even pick you up."

"This is my best side."

Another rare bird.  Although no flashy colors or other unusual characteristics, this bird is an "American Dipper."  They go underwater in streams and creeks to feed.  In 2008, I actually photographed one in Wyoming diving underwater.  A real treat to catch one in action.

How much wood could a Chipmunk chip if a .......

Damsel Fly dating

Ah! oh! ah Oh! Ah! oh oh oh oh ahhhh

Your common Alpine Muskrat

Quackers anybody?

A prancing prongless female prong horn Antelope, loping along at a leisurely pace.  All four feet are up in the air!


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