June 9, 2012

Manzanita Lake in the North West entrance to Lassen Volcanic Park with a back drop of snow covered mountains and the reason why temps ranged from a day time high of 57 to a night time low of 34. The water out of the faucets in the bathroom felt like yesterdays snow.  In spite of this, I hunkered down inside two sleeping bags for two nights of luxurious camping and two days of wonderful photography while camping in the very spot shown in the above photograph.

Visiting this specific park is also a tribute to a child hood friend.  A friend I went through several grade school years with and high school as well.  His name is Bill Visick.  His family visited Lassen when we were both about 12 years old.  When he came back and the stories he told of the grandeur of this park, well it filled my country boy mind with quite the vision and a yearning to see this park first hand.  As I traversed this park three times, I imagined taking in the same views as Bill did.  Tribute?  Yes, Bill passed away in 1992.  

I know, not exactly ducks, huh?  Pure snow fed water going down the hatch.  What a great start for a couple of goslings.

I have seen Vasona families of eight to ten goslings.  I was a little curious why only three.  Maybe there are more Coyotes in Lassen then in Vasona.

I spotted several of these on "Summit Lake" at Lassen.  I need some help with identification.  If you have a clue, chime in and let me know.  This was a shore wader.  My friend Suzanne got it, a "Spotted Sandpiper."

I wish I could be around when these start to bloom.  They were everywhere but especially at the snow lines.  Also from Suzanne, "Corn Lillys" aka as California Corn Lilly.  Interesting to note that these are poisonous and can cause head deformities in baby Mountain Sheep.

Krappy photo but I am told, a rare find, a White Headed Woodpecker.

If you take the "Lilly Pond" trail, this is what you end up discovering.

I bet Judy Ogle could identify this one.

Just a candid shot of a cute foreign speaking couple who could well be on their honeymoon.

This was the trail head to a very attractive hike supposedly with a grand view.  I did manage to get through this part only to turn back after the trail disappeared under constant snow pack after just 4/10 of a mile of a 2.5 mile hike.

Lava Rock!

A typical view while traveling over the 8500' pass

This several ton boulder got a free ride from Lassen Peak to about five miles away during the ~1914 avalanche when Lassen blew it's top.  Bowling so to speak, for dollars, nature's style.

The three of us being observed by the tree fauna (Three = Me, myself and I)

The Lilly Pond on the Lilly Pond trail

A Bushtit?

An abstract foto of a female Buffle Head duck, flexing her wings.


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