Wilder Ranch State Park
Wilder Ranch is approximately 3 miles north of Santa Cruz on Hwy 1.  

This is a Huge State Park, also with a farm display but no animals of any significance. There are miles and miles of hiking and biking. The east part of the park is more suited to cover with Mountain Bikes.  This park is a nice place for a family outing to see a display of an original coastal farm setup.  The rest of the park area east of farm house would probably not be of interest to younger children.  Hiking is mostly moderate with some climbing. Due to the expansive nature of this park, allow plenty of time to hike the east part of the park.  This part of the park goes almost up to Empire Grade so you can go quite far on most of the trails.  There is a coastal cliff side hiking trail, which is suitable for children on bikes and is very interesting.  Hiking the coastal trail would be good for family fun as well.  Maps are at the entry gate (parking fees are charged) and restrooms are at the parking lot.  There is stroller access to the farm and beyond but only recommended to the farm.  At the farm, there is a small museum.


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