Sierra Azul
The Sierra Azul trail head is at the top of Kennedy Road.  To get there, take 17 to Los Gatos East.  Exit on Saratoga Los Gatos Ave (Hwy 9).  Take a left on Los Gatos Blvd and a right on Kennedy.  Stay on Kennedy to the "Top of the Hill" (Where Kennedy forks, be sure to stay right.)   The Sierra Azul trail is the premiere kick off for the extreme hiker and biker.  At the trail head you are about at 400' elev. (TRAIL MAP)   The climb tops out at 2700" at the first point and 3300' at the topmost point.   Restrooms are at the trail head only (unless you count trees.)  This trail is probably not suitable for normal strollers or young children.  Big wheel kiddie pushcarts will work.  The hike to the top is unending and even on my best day, took over an hour on my bike.  According to the map, 4.1 miles to the first peak. Spectacular views.    On hot days, take lots of drinking water along.

For the more adventuresome with time to spare, this trail connects up with “Power Line”, “Ridge”, “Priest Rock”, “Over Grown” “Hicks” and “Jones Trail”.  If possible, take a guide (experienced trail person) to do these bigger loops.  The ride from Los Gatos to Hicks Road and back for instance, can give even the most experienced rider, cause for serious CPR.


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