Rancho San Antonio
This is a huge county park.  A gem in the County Park system and well maintained.  To get there, go north or south on 280 towards Cupertino.  Then go west on Foot Hill Blvd.  At the first stop light west of 280-turn right.  This road will take you directly to Rancho San Antonio.  The trail selection is vast.  For starters, I would recommend going to the North most parking area and hiking to the "Farm Display".  The trails stretch beyond the farm display going in several different directions and difficulty.  Pick up a map at the parking lot and select the trail most likely to result in your best heart conditioning.  My daughter does her SJS cross-country team training in this park.  The trails to the farm display are suitable for a stroller and small children.  (There was a huge litter of piglets this past summer.)  Bathrooms are at the parking lots and at the farm display.  For additional info go to Santa Clara County Parks and Trails


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