Coyote Hills Regional Park
This park is probably the least known but most interesting park you may ever visit in the local area.  To get there (MAP) is not very easy as the roads are a little obscure.  Patterson Ranch Road is the main entrance. To get to Patterson Ranch Road, take the Thornton Ave. exit off of Hwy 84 (West Bound to Dumbarton Bridge.)  Exit north on Thornton and look for a left onto Patterson Ranch Road.  This is a fee entrance.

What is interesting about this park is it has a very unique trail system through the salt-water marshes and around various Indian burial mounds.  This trail system is very suitable for family bike riding and hiking.  Stroller access is rough but useable.  If you are on the west side of the "hill", keep going south and follow the trail across hwy 84, (using the pedestrian bridge.)

Once you take the pedestrian bridge across hwy 84, you can also visit the "San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge", a marshland natural museum, as well as go on a trail leading out onto the "old" Dumbarton Bridge.  This is what was left of the original Dumbarton Bridge that wasn't demolished and sent to the bottom of the bay.

They made a fishing pier out of what was left.  There is also automobile access to both the museum and the old Dumbarton Bridge.  Certain times of the year, auto access to the fishing peir is closed off to prevent interfering with the nesting of the ôSand Plover."  There are also lots of levee trails in this area to ride on as well.

There are lots of restrooms and picnicking spots at Coyote Hills.  A picnic spot at Coyote Hills is a nice place to use to embark on various trail explorations.


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