Timothy John Huffman
12/31/1966 to 8/14/1998

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Born on Dec. 31, 1966

Tim's Mom

rub a dub dub
Tim n Todd in a tub

Cousins Janet & Linda

Tim & his Mom

Timothy and Todd

Tim n Todd

Tim n Todd

Tim, Todd

A White Christmas in Binghampton, NY

Petey the dog,
Todd & Tim

Cindy, Todd & Tim

Todd, Kathy, Tim, Cindy at Disney Land

Cindy and Tim
at Disney Land

Todd, Cindy n Tim

Todd, Cindy, Tim

Todd and Tim
Tim and Cindy and Todd.

Climbing a Giant Sequoia in Calaveras Big Tree Park.

Todd Cindy Tim

Todd Grandpa and Tim
A Halloween party, Tim lower left.
Tim doing the apple dunking.

A Montana Xmas
Todd and Tim

Tim with Christa

A birthday party.

Xmas and brand new ten speed bikes.  Tim, Dad and Todd

Tim, Cindy and Todd

Showing off a Cat Fish catch

Baby Christa and Tim at Halloween.

Outfitted and ready to ride his dirt bike.

Christmas and baby Christa

Showing Grandpa Huffman how to play a Ukulele

Disney Land!

Tim & his Honda Interceptor.

University of California, Santa Barbara.

Christa, Kathy (stepmom), Cindy, Tim and Jim (Dad)

Mom (Marcia), Tim and Step Mom (Kathy)

Tim with his Mom's extended family.

A Hallmark Xmas

A Packard Christmas.

Dos Amigos
Tim and Todd

Tim and Christa

Todd, Cindy, Christa, Tim

Tim and Todd

Greg, Tim & Cindy enjoying xmas

A birthday with his twin brother Todd.


Christa and Tim and Hawaii

Tim, Ross (Step Dad) Mom, Todd (brother) and Nephew Jaysen

A barbeque at Nanos.

A birthday party for Jaysen Timothy at Vasona in Los Gatos.

Tim's mom, Todd, Jaysen and Tim

Todd, Christa, Tim and Cindy

A Prom photo with Ben, Tim and Ron.

Tim with his partner Greg

Tim and Ron summer of 98

Tim, July, 98, a few weeks before his passing.

I would like to explain about the choice of pictures in this gallery.  After Tim's Memorial Service at a Chapel in downtown Campbell, CA, we had a small reception at our house on Duvall Drive, San Jose, CA, .  We used these exact pictures to present a slide show for the people who came over to the reception, to further remember Tim with.  The slides were on a continuous loop so as people walked by the screening, they could take a little break and see Tim in his various stages of life.  It was pleasant to hear comments and an occasional chuckle as they enjoyed the slides throughout the afternoon of the reception.