September 2, 2011

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA

While at breakfast, I ran across a "Surf's Up" article in the SJMN.  I enjoy shooting surfers (with a camera) so I packed up my gear and headed South, over the hill as us Valley people refer to Hwy 17.  I set up at the Light House on West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz.  The photos speak for them selves.

The surf was definitely way up.  According to the SJMN, a consequence of a Cyclone (aka Hurricane) event that started off of New Zealand on August 24.

Now if this had happened 20 years ago, nobody  would have known why the surfs up, they would have just jumped in to enjoy it.  Somehow, knowing that this surf was a consequence of something that happened because of some event in the South Seas, did not distract the surfers nor I for that matter, from enjoying it.

One man's surf is another man's disaster.  I am sure the inhabitants of Tahiti where the cyclone hit, did not enjoy this event as much as we did.

Mother Natures version of the May Tag Washing Machine.

This seems to be a favorite maneuver, cutting a rooster tail across the top of the wave.


"I wonder if my health insurance will cover me when I wipe out?"


You put your right foot out and you shake it all about.

Up, Up and away!

Flying without a pilots license


Surfs up but where are all the fish?

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS5D MKII camera body, a 1.4X magnifier and a 100 to 400mm lens.

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