March 27, 2011 

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA

Some actions surfer shots

I shot this guy several times in his apparent attempt at surviving the big ones. The surf this day was following a huge week of storms and the waves were especially challenging.  He can go to the head of his class, just for being out there and braving these monster waves.

I know there is a pony in here somewhere.

 This is how an experienced surfer does it  (image 8851)

Just to prove he is "doing it", here is the very next shot of him

from start to finish

 Another very experienced Surfer.  (image8854)

 Check out his concentration as shown on his face.
You just have to say, "Gawd,
I wish that were me."
"I wonder if Starbucks would deliver? I could really enjoy a hot cup right now."

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